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Adding Promotion Banners to Your Shopify Store

Adding Promotion Banners to Your Shopify Store

I know that some Shopify themes have the banner feature; but the current theme I`m using(Maker) has not. So I got "Promobar" app by Pasilobus. You can customize the promotion text and close icon, also add some action and e-mail signup buttons. For this holiday season I have used promotion text and close icon options. As you can see I have customized the close icon using hex values from here : 


You can get the app from here: https://apps.shopify.com/promobar

If you need any help about customizing your promobar, you can contact to Pasilobus: support@pasilobus.com

Also you can send me an e-mail, too 😊 : info@bgmmdesign.com